VMware vSphere: Design and Deploy Fast Track [V6]



This extended-hours training course equips you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to design and deploy a VMware vSphere 6.0 virtual infrastructure. You will follow a proven approach to design and deploy a virtualization solution that is available, scalable, manageable, and secure.


VMware Certified Implementation Expert (VCIX6-DCV)


  • Experienced system integrators
  • Consultants responsible for designing and deploying vSphere environments


  • Completion of the following courses:
    • VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.0]
    • VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale [V6.0]

Note: Equivalent experience with vSphere deployments in lieu of the prerequisite courses is acceptable.

Learning Objectives

  • Assess the business and application requirements of the current environment
  • Apply a framework to a design
  • Analyze design choices and best-practice recommendations
  • Design and deploy:
    • Core management infrastructure for an enterprise
    • Virtual data center for an enterprise
    • Compute infrastructure for an enterprise
    • Storage and networking infrastructures for an enterprise
    • Virtual machines to run applications in a vSphere infrastructure
    • Security, management, and recoverability features for an enterprise

1. Course Introduction

  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course objectives

2. Assessment

  • Define customer business objectives
  • Gather and analyze business and application requirements
  • Document design requirements, constraints, assumptions, and risks
  • Use a systematic method to evaluate and document design decisions
  • Create a conceptual design

3. Core Management Infrastructure

  • Determine the number of vCenter Server instances to include in a design
  • Choose appropriate platforms for vCenter Server components and databases
  • Design a vCenter Server deployment topology that is appropriate for the size and requirements of the data center
  • Deploy core management components for the given vSphere design

4. Virtual Data Center Infrastructure

  • Calculate total capacity requirements for a design
  • Create a virtual data center cluster design that meets business and workload requirements
  • Evaluate the use of various management services, such as VMware vSphere High Availability and VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler, in the virtual data center design
  • Deploy virtual data center components for the given vSphere design

5. Compute Infrastructure

  • Create a compute infrastructure design that includes the appropriate ESXi boot, installation, and configuration options
  • Choose the ESXi host hardware for the compute infrastructure
  • Deploy and configure ESXi hosts for the given vSphere design
  • Perform a scripted installation of an ESXi host

6. Storage Infrastructure

  • Calculate storage capacity requirements for a design
  • Create a storage infrastructure design that includes the appropriate storage platform and storage management solutions
  • Deploy components of the storage architecture for the given vSphere design

7. Network Infrastructure

  • Create a network component design that includes virtual switch specifications, port group configuration settings, and physical network attributes
  • Evaluate network management and monitoring design options
  • Deploy components of the network architecture for the given vSphere design

8. Virtual Machine Infrastructure

  • Create a virtual machine design that considers application requirements and maximizes performance
  • Deploy virtual machines for the given vSphere design

9. Infrastructure Security

  • Evaluate security options for ESXi hosts, vCenter Server, storage, networking, and virtual machines
  • Create a security design based on VMware best practices
  • Deploy security components for the given vSphere design

10. Infrastructure Management

  • Evaluate management tools and solutions
  • Create a design that includes the management of ESXi hosts, templates, virtual machine snapshots, and events
  • Create a design for the VMware vSphere� Update Manager™ architecture
  • Deploy management components for the given vSphere design

11. Infrastructure Recoverability

  • Evaluate ways to provide recoverability in a vSphere environment
  • Create a design that includes the recoverability of ESXi hosts, vCenter Server, networks, and virtual machines
  • Deploy components that enable the recoverability of the vSphere environment in the given vSphere design