WebSphere Application Server V9 Administration



This course teaches you the skills that are needed to administer IBM WebSphere Application Server V9.�

This release of IBM WebSphere Application Server provides enhanced support for standards (notably Java 7 EE), emerging technology, and a choice of development frameworks.�

In this course, you learn how to configure and maintain IBM WebSphere Application Server V9 in a single-server environment. You learn how to deploy enterprise Java applications in a single computer configuration. In addition, you learn how to work with features of WebSphere Application Server V9, such as the wsadmin scripting interface, security, and performance monitoring.�

Hands-on exercises throughout the course give you practical experience with the skills you develop in the lectures.�

For information about other related courses, see the IBM Training website.


  • Administrators who configure and manage web-based applications on WebSphere Application Server
  • Web administrators
  • Application developers
  • Deployers
  • Security specialists
  • Application architects


  • Basic operational skills for the Linux operating system
  • Administrative skills for a web server, such as IBM HTTP Server or Apache
  • Basic understanding of cloud concepts, private, public, and hybrid clouds, and traditional on-premises environments

Learning Objectives

  • Relate WebSphere Application Server to the WebSphere family of products
  • Features and standards in WebSphere Application Server V9
  • Use of WebSphere Application Server in cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises environments
  • Architectural concepts that are related to WebSphere Application Server
  • Assemble and install server-side Java enterprise applications
  • Use WebSphere administrative tools to configure and manage enterprise applications
  • Use wsadmin scripting
  • Configure WebSphere Application Server security
  • View performance information about server and application components
  • Troubleshoot problems by using problem determination tools and log files

  1. Course Introduction
  2. WebSphere Product Family Overview
  3. WebSphere Application Server Architecture
  4. Exercise: Profile Creation
  5. WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console
  6. Exercise: Exploring the Administrative Console
  7. Introduction to the PlantsByWebSphere Application
  8. Application Assembly
  9. Exercise: Assembling an Application
  10. Application Installation
  11. Exercise: Installing an Application
  12. Problem Determination
  13. Exercise: Problem Determination
  14. Introduction to wsadmin and Scripting
  15. Exercise: Using wsadmin
  16. WebSphere security
  17. Exercise: Configuring WebSphere Application Server Security
  18. Exercise: Configuring Application Security
  19. Performance Monitoring
  20. Exercise: Using the Performance Monitoring Tools
  21. Course Summary