Working with Selenium: Selenium Web Testing



In this course, you will work with a complex Web Application that requires a number of testing scenarios. This course uses Selenium 2 and the WebDriver interface to design and implement tests, and also includes testing Ajax pages. This course may be offered in support of Java or Ruby programming.


Experienced web developers or test engineers working with Web Applications who are new to Selenium


  • A background or prior exposure to the appropriate programming language

Note: A background in Web technologies and testing concepts is assumed

1. Introduction

2. Getting started with Selenium

3. Fundamentals of Testing

4. The Selenium IDE

5. Using Locators

6. WebDriver

7. Design Patterns for Web Testing

8. Finding Elements

9. Testing Mobile Applications

10. Working with HTML5

11. Capture Screenshots

12. Selenium on the Grid

13. Using Java or Ruby as the Testing Scripting Language

14. Debugging Testing Scripts

15. Automating Selenium Testing

16. Summary