eLearnSecurity delivers real world IT security experience with e-learning courses that feature cutting edge Virtual Lab technology.

Companies all over the world use eLearnSecurity to train their Red and Blue teams with eLearnSecurity proven training paths. From Junior to Expert, eLearnSecurity can provide each member of your team with relevant practical cyber security skills.

Training Paths

Upstart your IT Security new hires with practical courses. Make them proficient in a fraction of the time.


Boost the skills of your pentesting team with advanced practical courses on several areas of pentesting.


Teach your defense team the best methodologies and tools to use against hackers. In practice.

eLearnSecurity provides corporate training solutions to many of the world’s largest enterprises.


eLearnSecurity Corporate Offer

An annual license to build a continuous learning path made of multiple courses from the eLearnSecurity catalog

What’s included
  •  Free updates for the courses
  •  Access to a Supervisor Dashboard for monitoring learner progress
  •  The flexibility of re-assigning an active license
  •  A discount for volume purchase


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