Is Professional Overcapacity Causing your Resistance to Change?

By Elie Habib, this article was initially posted as a MotivaimCoach blog. Here is an excerpt.

    Are you overwhelmed by the faster pace of technological change than ever before, the need to constantly evolve strategy and expectation, and the constant inflow of external network pressure? Does the commitment to correcting an underperforming organization stress you out and take away from the ever-elusive work-life balance?

    You’re not alone!!

    This scenario of being pushed beyond one’s personal capacity affects the lives of many leaders regardless of position and function. It causes men and women alike to feel as though they are frustrating their colleagues, impacting the company negatively, and severely limiting their own careers. Even executives and superstar performers have limited capacity and if worked beyond that point will eventually burn-out, leading to a vicious downward spiral.

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