Why Do you Need to Lead with a Purpose?

By Elie Habib, the article was posted initially as a MotivaimCoach blog. Here is an excerpt.

    Even companies on a fast growth track – be it from achieving product/market fit, crossing the chasm and entering the hockey stick phase, or offering fantastic customer experience – will ultimately have to strategically assess the future and prepare for it. Particularly as threats and disruptions arise due to increased and fierce competition, increasingly complex channel models, market saturation, shifting customer preferences, and the evolution of the technology lifecycle.

    The chief leader of a company or organization must constantly invest time and effort in clearly articulating a higher purpose to his/her team, shareholders, and customers. This action will spark inspired leadership, drive constant learning, motivate and engage employees, strengthen the brand, and ultimately fuel renewable shareholder value – all crucial pieces of a business navigating the aforementioned threats and disruptions.

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