Our Unique Approach

At Motivaim, our highly tested platform allows our clients to choose the format for their service delivery to meet their own needs.  Our customers have the options of choosing instructor led training (ILT), eLearning learning plans, and online virtual classes to yield the most comprehensive benefit to both employers and employees.

Motivaim eLearning


Elearning has revolutionized the way today’s workforce continues to get educated, whether you are an entry level employee or executive. In its flexible nature, it allows its users to learn in a way that is convenient to them. Motivaim’s partnership with other elearning platforms gives its clients access to one of the largest and most comprehensive catalogs in the world.

Our Elearning Advantages

Time and Money Savings- Elearning reduces time away from the workplace, eliminating the need for travel in classroom-based training – Our platform works across any device and coursework is delivered in video format by top notch instructors.

High Learning Retention- We create customized learning plans per employee that result in a higher knowledge retention rate. Learning plans can be constantly refreshed and updated whenever needed

Activity and ROI Measurement-Admin accounts allow for tracking and monitoring of the employees learning progress, and with our platform creating reports is made very simple

Online Live Virtual

As much as eLearning has revolutionized the corporate training industry, so is Online Live Virtual training currently. Virtual live training delivers a classroom experience with live instruction and fellow classmates without the need for local or extended travel to a training center. This form of training is quickly being adopted by organizations because it closely aligns with the ways we already work and conduct meetings today.

Motivaim Online Live Virtual
Motivaim Webinars


One of the best and convenient ways to stay on top of emerging trends in technology and business is attending webinars with industry experts. There has been a boom in webinar training and information dissemination because they’re incredibly easy to put together and make available to large numbers of people. Motivaim occasionally hosts public webinars with field-related experts and can also help your organization move toward this modality of information sharing with private consulting.