Project schedules are becoming a vital part of our everyday life as we are expected to accomplish more and more. Schedules will keep track of all tasks and allow your business to run smoothly. Motivaim provides the training you need to develop effective projects and the certification skills you need to become PMI certified.
Microsoft Project
MS Project 2016: Part 1 – Creating Projects1 day$ 350.00View Details
MS Project 2016: Part 21 day$350.00View Details
MS Project Advanced Understanding2 days$ 700.00View Details
MS Project 2013: Part 1 – Creating Projects1 day$ 350.00View Details
MS Project 2013: Part 21 day$ 350.00View Details
MS Project 2010: Level 1 – Creating Projects1 day$ 350.00View Details
MS Project 2010: Level 2 – Managing Projects1 day$ 350.00View Details
Project Management Training
Establishing and Managing the Project Management Office4-day$1,995.00View Details
Program Management4-day$1,995.00View Details
Risk Management4-day$2,195.00View Details
Schedule and Cost Control5-day$2,495.00View Details
Quality for Project Managers4-day$2,195.00View Details
Project Management Overview1-day$595.00View Details
Kicking Off Your Project1-day$195.00View Details
Managing Challenging Conversations1-day$195.00View Details
SharePoint for Business Process Automation3-day$1,995.00View Details
Use Case Modeling3-day$2,195.00View Details
Data Modeling3-day$1,995.00View Details
Influence and Persuasion in Project Management1-day$195.00View Details
Project Management, Leadership, and Communication3-day$2,295.00View Details
Leading Complex Projects4-day$2,195.00View Details
Contract Management Principles and Practices4-day$2,195.00View Details
Web Testing Core Fundamentals3-day$1,495.00View Details
Planning Effective Software Testing3-day$1,495.00View Details
Fundamentals of Software Testing2-day$1,495.00View Details
Certified Scrum Product Owner2-day$1,495.00View Details
Certified ScrumMaster Workshop2-day$1,295.00View Details
Agile for Product Owners2-day$1,495.00View Details
Introduction to Agile2-day$795.00View Details
Agile Boot Camp: An Immersive Introduction3-day$1,795.00View Details
Agile Testing2-day$1,495.00View Details
Applying Enterprise Business Architecture3-day$1,795.00View Details
Agile Project Management2-day$1,495.00View Details
Collaborating and Communicating Agile Requirements2-day$1,495.00View Details
An Overview of Agile Project Management1-day$395.00View Details
Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile2-day$1,495.00View Details
Designing and Facilitating JAD Workshops3-day$1,495.00View Details
CBAP/CCBA Certification Prep Boot Camp4-day$2,695.00View Details
Business Analysis in Agile Projects2-day$1,495.00View Details
Effective Business Cases3-day$2,195.00View Details
Kanban Workshop2-day$1,395.00View Details
Fundamentals of SDLC2-day$1,495.00View Details
Process Modeling Using BPMN2-day$1,495.00View Details
Project Troubleshooting and Recovery3-day$1,995.00View Details
PMI� Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)� Boot Camp3-day$1,795.00View Details
Project Portfolio Management4-day$2,195.00View Details
Business Process Analysis4-day$2,295.00View Details
IT Project Management4-day$2,595.00View Details
PMP� Exam Prep Boot Camp4-day$3,195.00View Details
Advanced Project Management in Primavera P6 Rel. 6.2 (Oracle)2 days$ 895.00View Details
Project Management Fundamentals3-day$2,295.00View Details
Managing Projects in Primavera Contractor Rel. 6 (Oracle)2 days$ 895.00View Details
Business Analysis Essentials3-day$2,295.00View Details
Managing Competing Stakeholder Priorities1-day$195.00View Details
Acceptance Testing for Quality Success1-day$195.00View Details
Managing High-Risk Projects1-day$195.00View Details
Getting the Right Vendor Evaluation Team1-day$195.00View Details
Implementing Agile Test-Driven Development for Non-Programmers2-day$1,295.00View Details
Software Testing Certification Boot Camp3-day$2,295.00View Details
Managing Global Projects1-day$195.00View Details
Virtual Project Management1-day$395.00View Details
Project Selection Techniques1-day$395.00View Details
Project Post Mortems as a Positive Experience1-day$195.00View Details
Keys to Controlling Project Scope1-day$395.00View Details
Making the Most of Your Project Meetings1-day$395.00View Details
Understanding Project Budget and Accounting1-day$395.00View Details
Cost Estimating Fundamentals1-day$395.00View Details
Practical Project Quality Planning1-day$395.00View Details
Preventing Project Failure1-day$395.00View Details
Requirements Development, Documentation, and Management4-day$2,595.00View Details
Writing the Statement of Work (SOW)1-day$395.00View Details
Coaching and Mentoring Team Members1-day$195.00View Details
Using SharePoint for Project Management3-day$1,995.00View Details
Project Management Essentials1 day$ 350.00View Details
Project Management Intermediate1 day$ 350.00View Details
Project Management Advanced1 day$ 350.00View Details
Effectively Using Microsoft Project Server 20133-day$1,995.00View Details
Project Management Techniques3 days$ 1485.00View Details
Lean Fundamentals4-day$2,000.00View Details
Organizational Change Management3-day$1,495.00View Details
The Business Analyst in an Agile Environment1-day$595.00View Details
PMI-PBA� Certification Boot Camp4-day$2,695.00View Details
Applied Project Management4-day$2,595.00View Details
Project Management Fundamentals1 day$ 350.00View Details