Content Curation – the Roots of Great Learning & Development

In this hyper-consumeristic age, we have the benefit of information, services and products at our fingertips 24/7. But with that comes the paradox of choice and option–amazing but so paralyzing at the same time.

Skillsoft prides itself on being the global leader in eLearning with over 120,000 pieces of content (7,000 courses, 65,000 videos, and 46, 000 books and counting, for those of you wondering!) but we’ll be the first to remind you that you can’t just offer up a large volume of content without a plan and a method to help people access content simply and find what they are looking for. This requires curation: the collection and sorting of information.

Curating your learning content has a number of benefits:

  • It aligns learning to business and organization goals
  • It aligns learning to job roles and levels
  • It begins to answer the WIIFM for your learners
  • It creates a simple, accessible and impactful learning experience
  • It supports a learning measurement strategy

When you take the time to develop a curation strategy, it gives you a springboard from which to market your learning initiatives to both individual contributors and management. It also sets a benchmark for the knowledge, skills and abilities required for a particular role—and those necessary to grow in that role. Finally, you begin to shape a common organizational language around the shared values you have as a company and employees. Investing time in this process will, indirectly, fuel the growth of your company while also supporting that growth!

One of the key components of driving adoption of your learning program is targeting the right audience with the right content, at the right time and in the right way.  When you think about eLearning promotion, the “who, what, why, when and how” truly drive engagement and adoption. And let’s get real for a moment – adoption is KEY to executing learning initiatives that lead to impact. You can develop strategy, align to goals and even discuss measurement but if the learning isn’t actually happening then there is no impact.

While you could embark on a needs analysis or competency development journey (both of which Skillsoft can support you with!), you can also start small. Take your organizational values for instance – maybe they are accountability, innovation and agility. Skillsoft will partner with you to select learning resources that align to those values and are most relevant for your industry and audience, taking into consideration the varied skill sets your people possess.

Or take another start-today-strategy and select topics of the month, based on what is happening within your fiscal year and what internal initiatives, changes or new developments are occurring. Then work with us to map your Skillsoft content to those topics and develop a strategy to curate and market that content to the appropriate audience. [Note, too, that it is crucial to know your audience, with any learning initiative – more on that here.]

Finally, the most important point to note about curation is that it is a living process. You should be ever-evolving your curation process and execution because it should remain consistent with your ever-evolving business! Re-evaluating your offerings, content delivery experience and related marketing strategies is vital to ensuring your learning and development efforts continue to impact your business.

Want to know more about curation, content mapping and how to readily embed learning into your people’s daily workflow? Join us and the Canadian Credit Union Association on November 10 for Making Competencies Work for You: You’ve Built a Competency Model, Now What? Register today!

Alicia Little is a Marketing and Sales Support Associate at Skillsoft.

Article originally posted on Skillsoft

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