We help our customers maximize the potential of their most important resource; their people – whether in professional development or technical training. Since our inception 15 years ago, Motivaim has trained upward of 100,000 students and partnered with thousands of enterprises and public entities. Motivaim thrives to bring you best-in-class technology training, curriculum, solutions, and delivery formats.

Today, and in partnership with Global Knowledge as Authorized Learning Partner, we will train you on the latest IT skills with vendors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS)CiscoGoogleMicrosoftVMWareRedhatITILCompTIACitrixIBM; help you master solutions in areas such as CybersecurityCloud computingApplications Development, and prep you for must-have certifications.

MotivaimCoach was launched in 2018 with the intent of expanding our professional development training to include advanced leadership workshops, executive coaching, team and groups development, culture inclusion, and overall business strategy. Our unique team of highly trained, certified and experienced professionals and coaches are our key asset and differentiator!

Motivaim – Our Vision

To transform professionals’ lives and provide them with the best tools to keep furthering their careers and their long term success.

Motivaim – Our History

Motivaim has been partnering with private and public sectors for over 15 years to provide them with the best technical training, consulting services and classrooms in San Jose and Costa Mesa.

Motivaim trains in a broad range of computer applications, technical training, professional development and provides ERP training and solutions. We can customize and write courseware to meet your training needs. Motivaim has been extending its platform to include Elearning, Webinars and online Live learning solutions in order to meet the mobile reality of today’s employees. Additionally, Motivaim is constantly investing in adding new concepts to its ever expanding curriculum, such as Cloud, Software as a Service, Hadoop, virtualization, Big Data, Cybersecurity, social media, and predictive analytics.
Motivaim has trained thousands of employees on technologies provided by Microsoft, Cisco, Google, VMware, Citrix, Adobe, etc and has partnered with industry-leading companies like: Microsoft, SkillSoft, Woopra, Vbout, Dell Computers, Prometric, Kryterion, and many others. These partners help us deliver comprehensive technology and training solutions worldwide – consistently.

To discuss your specific needs, customize your own environment or to inquire further please contact us using the form below.

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