ANCISB- Designing, Developing, and configuring CIS v1.0



In this course, you will learn the skills necessary to implement data virtualization including data source introspection, views, procedures, and publishing. You will also learn about topics such as query optimization, caching, and security.


  • Data administrators
  • Solutions architects
  • Software engineers


  • A general understanding of databases
  • An understanding of SQL concepts with the ability to develop in SQL
  • Basic Windows skills
  • An understanding of Web Services

Learning Objectives

  • Cisco Information Server solution and its installation
  • Studio product overview
  • Using data connection and transforms
  • Publishing a resource as a database and as a web service that can support SOAP and WSDL
  • Various procedures available in the Cisco Information Server
  • Cisco Information Server operations, including manager, security, and caching
  • Various adapter bundles that are available for the Cisco Information Server
  • Cisco Information Server platform
  • Using the business directory
  • Troubleshooting solutions

1. Introduction to the Cisco Information Server

  • Product Overview
  • Installing Cisco Information Server
  • Studio

2. Connecting and Transforming Data

  • Accessing Basic Data Sources
  • Using Cisco Information Server Discovery
  • Using Cisco Information Server Views

3. Publishing

  • Publishing
  • Contract First Web Services

4. Procedures

  • Parameterized Queries
  • Basic SQL Script
  • Packaged Queries
  • XML Transformations

5. Operate

  • Using Manager
  • Basic Security
  • Basic Caching
  • Basic Query Engine

6. Adapter Bundles

  • Adapter Bundle for Social Media
  • Initiating OAuth
  • Adapter Bundle for SAP
  • Adapter Bundle for CRM and ERP
  • Adapter Bundle for NoSQL and Cloud Databases
  • Adapter Bundle for Marketing Automation
  • Adapter Bundle for Collaboration

7. Platform Experience

  • Using Business Directory
  • Basic Troubleshooting