Applied Project Management



This course focuses on the execution of a simulated project. Your instructor will walk you through the evaluation of the project plan and project management life cycle. You will use the Sim4Projects™ tool to make execution decisions and analyze team and project performance. You will discover and validate a full range of specific project management processes from building a project team through project closure (as specified in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge-Fifth Edition, Project Management Institute, Inc., 2013).

Each exercise will will challenge you to make resourcing decisions toward the accomplishment of specific project activities. You will manage a virtual team of people throughout the project, including onboarding and releasing team members, directing their work, providing rewards and training, and taking disciplinary action if needed. You will also create and deliver several management reports of your team's performance and progress on the project for the project sponsor (your instructor) to review and to provide feedback. Your work to make project decisions will take place both during and outside of class time. Performance resulting from decisions made outside of class will be reported at the beginning of class the following day. Your successful completion of the course is dependent on your participation inside and outside of class and timely submission of your results.

Students pursuing a university-recognized, accredited certificate in Canada or continuing education units in the US, must:

  • Attend at least 90% of class time
  • Participate in class exercises and section knowledge checks
  • Score at least 70% on an end-of-class, multiple-choice assessment


Professionals who have prior formal training or equivalent experience in project management, including:

  • Associate project managers
  • Project managers (for example, IT project managers)
  • Project coordinators
  • Project analysts
  • Project leaders
  • Product managers
  • Program managers


Familiarity with Microsoft Project

Learning Objectives

Using Sim4Projects, you will:

  • Evaluate a project plan and identify risks within it
  • Obtain sign-off from sponsors and buy-in from stakeholders
  • Build a successful project team
  • Manage team performance by appropriately applying incentives and discipline
  • Manage team utilization to ensure on schedule performance
  • Track your project using Microsoft Project 2013
  • Create and deliver management reports of project progress, status, and forecasted performance
  • Identify, analyze, quantify, mitigate, and manage risks
  • Manage unexpected risk impacts on the project
  • Manage project change
  • Close a project

1. Dynamics of Taking Over a Project

  • Project Charter
  • Stakeholders and Stakeholder Analysis
  • Project Scope Baseline
  • Project Schedule and Cost Baselines

2. Understanding the Simulation

  • Simulation Overview
  • Navigating the Interface
  • Practice Session

3. Building the Right Project Team

  • Determining Resource Needs
  • Team Creation and Utilization

4. Understanding Performance Interdependencies

  • Tracking, Analyzing, and Reporting Project Performance
  • Forecasting Project Performance
  • Multidimensional Decision-Making

Hands-On Exercises

Exercise 1: Complete a Stakeholder Analysis

Exercise 2: Address Initial Risks

Exercise 3: 'Test Drive' Sim4Projects

Exercise 4: Build Your Virtual Project Team

Exercise 5: Kick Off the Project

Exercise 6: Prepare the Second Management Report

Exercise 7: Prepare the Third Management Report

Exercise 8: Prepare the Final Project Report