Delivering Hybrid IT with Cisco Cloud Center (CLDCTR)



Delivering Hybrid IT with Cisco CloudCenter is a three-day intensive training with hands-on labs, that enables Cloud engineers, administrators, system engineers, DevOps engineers and solution architects to utilize CloudCenter to securely provision infrastructure resources and deploy application components across data center and private, public cloud environments.


  • Cloud Administrators
  • Cloud Consumer Administrators
  • Cloud Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • Solution Architects


Introducing Cisco Cloud Fundamentals (CLDFND) is a course that helps students prepare for the CCNA Cloud certification, an associate level certification specializing in Cloud technologies. This course is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) to perform foundational tasks related to Cloud computing.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand business and technical challenges of going to the cloud
  • Understand benefits of an application centric hybrid cloud management platform
  • Understand Cisco CloudCenter architecture
  • Understand Cisco CloudCenter administrative capabilities like cloud management, multi-tenancy governance and policy enforcement
  • Describe application lifecycle management and provisioning in cloudDescribe how to use Cisco CloudCenter to manage the workloads in the hybrid cloud

Section 1: Understanding Status Quo
Section 2: Understanding Cloud Readiness
Section 3: Introducing Cisco Cloud Center
Section 4: Understanding Cisco Cloud Center Design
Section 5: Understaning Cisco Cloud Center GUI
Section 6: Introducing Cisco Cloud Center Repositories
Section 7: Understanding Cisco Cloud Center Delployment Environment
Section 8: Mapping Images in Cisco Cloud Center
Section 9: Understanding Cisco Cloud Center Usage and Fee Structure
Section 10: Understanding Cisco Cloud Center User Administration
Section 11: Introducing Cisco Cloud Center Applications
Section 12: Understanding Cisco Cloud Cloud Application Modeling
Section 13: Understanding Cisco Cloud Center Application Runtime Management
Section 14: Introducing Cisco CloudCenter Application Deployment Parameters
Section 15: Indroducing Cisco Cloud Center Advanced Parameters
Section 16: Understanding Cisco Cloud Center Application Deployment Lifecycle
Section 17: Introducing Cisco Cloud Center Services
Section 18: Deploying Applications in Cisco Cloud Center Hybrid Cloud
Section 19: Integrating Cisco Cloud Center - Cisco ACI
Section 20: Integrating Cisco Cloud Center - Cisco UCS Director
Section 21: Introducing Cisco CloudCenter Application Management
Section 22: Benchmarking Application in Cisco CloudCenter
Section 23: Scheduling Application in Cisco CloudCenter
Section 24: Sharing Application in Cisco CloudCenter
Section 25: Introducing Cisco CloudCenter Marketplace
Section 26: Understanding Cisco CloudCenter CICD
Section 27: Understanding Cisco CloudCenter Policies
Section 28: Introducing Cisco CloudCenter Governance