FileMaker Pro 12


Description You have probably used a computer to gather, process, and share information. For example, you may have searched for product information on the Internet, totalled expenses using a spreadsheet application, or typed and printed a memo using a word processing application. You may now need to store a large amount of information in an organized manner so that you can quickly and easily sort the information in various ways, and locate specific pieces of information efficiently. In this course, you will use FileMaker Pro to create and use databases to store and organize information so that it is available for efficient retrieval.

Word processing applications are useful for creating text-intensive documents, such as letters. Spreadsheet applications are useful for storing and processing numeric information, such as budgets. However, when you want to store large amounts of text, numbers, and other types of data, word processing and spreadsheet applications limit your ability to do so. With FileMaker Pro, you can create a database to store information that you can easily sort and organize based on any number of criteria.

The target student for this course is office personnel in an academic or a corporate environment with little or no experience using FileMaker® Pro, but who need to build a database for storing, organizing, and sharing resource information. Students may have experience using office productivity applications, such as a word processor or spreadsheet program, but may have little or no experience using a robust database.

Before taking this course, students should be familiar with the basic functions of their computer’s operating system. Students should also have the basic word processing and office productivity skills.

Learning Objectives

In this course, you will use FileMaker® Pro 12 to create and use databases to store and organize information.

You will:

Explore the various elements of the FileMaker Pro 12 environment.
Set up a database.
Modify a database.
Format layouts in a database.
Create columnar reports.
Finalize a database.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Exploring the FileMaker Pro Environment

Topic A: Explore the FileMaker Pro Interface

Topic B: Customize the Interface

Topic C: Access FileMaker Pro Help

Lesson 2: Setting Up a Database

Topic A: Create a Database

Topic B: Import Data into a Database

Lesson 3: Modifying a Database

Topic A: Find Records

Topic B: Edit Records

Topic C: Calculate Field Data Automatically

Topic D: Create Automated Fields

Topic E: Validate Fields

Topic F: Sort Records

Lesson 4: Formatting Layouts in a Database

Topic A: Position and Resize Fields

Topic B: Modify Field Controls

Topic C: Add Objects

Topic D: Apply Conditional Formatting

Topic E: Create Repeating Fields

Topic F: Set Tab Order

Lesson 5: Creating Columnar Reports

Topic A: Create a Columnar Report Layout

Topic B: Create Summary Data

Topic C: Create Subsummary Data

Lesson 6: Finalizing a Database

Topic A: Spell Check a Database

Topic B: Create Personalized Form Letters

Topic C: Export a Database

Topic D: Print Database Records