IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Active Reports (v11.0)



This course provides you with an understanding of Active Report content and functionality within IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting. Through lecture, demonstrations, and exercises, you�ll gain experience using IBM Cognos Analytics by building highly interactive reports using Active Report controls, which can then be distributed to and consumed by users in a disconnected environment, including on mobile devices.


Report authors


Basic understanding of IBM Cognos Analytics � Reporting

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to IBM Cognos Active Reports

  • Examine IBM Cognos Active Reports
  • Convert an existing report into an Active Report
  • Add interactions in Active Reports using Active Report connections
  • Create a basic Active Report
  • Examine interactive behavior of Active Report controls
  • Save a report in the IBM Cognos Analytics portal
  • Save an Active Report to an MHT file
  • Save an Active Report as a report template
  • Use an Active Report as a prompt page
  • Active Report security

2. Use Active Report Connections

  • Examine Active Report connections
  • Filter and select in controls using Active Report connections
  • Examine variables
  • Use a single variable to control multiple controls
  • Use multiple variables to show different data in different controls
  • Use Active Report controls to support mobile device usage

3. Active Report Charts and Decks

  • Add charts to active reports
  • Optimize chart behavior
  • Decks and data decks
  • Optimize use of decks
  • Master Detail relationships
  • RAVE visualizations