IBM FileNet Content Manager 5.2.1: Administration



In this course, you will learn how to administer an IBM FileNet Content Manager 5.2.1 system. Starting with an overview of the system use cases and architecture, you learn how to configure content storage repositories, metadata, and security. You will also learn how to migrate your IBM FileNet P8 applications between environments, how to optimize search performance, how to use the powerful sweep framework to automate administration tasks, and how to manage the system log files.

Note: While class exercises are performed within a FileNet Content Manager v5.2.1 environment, our expert instructors can provide guidance on all versions and their differences.


System administrators


  • An understanding of P8 terminology, including:
  • Content Platform Engine
  • IBM Content Navigator
  • Object stores
  • Objects
  • Content Services
  • Process Services

Learning Objectives

  • Overview of IBM FileNet Content Manager
  • How to build a FileNet P8 Repository
  • Working with object metadata
  • Security management
  • Search management
  • Application migration
  • Sweep jobs management
  • Auditing and logging processes

1. Introduction to IBM FileNet Content Manager

  • Introduction to IBM FileNet Content Manager
  • IBM FileNet Content Manager architecture
  • Administration Console for Content Platform Engine

2. Build an Object Store

  • Build a FileNet Content Repository
  • Work with storage areas

3. Work with Object Metadata

  • Create document and folder classes
  • Modify classes and properties
  • Create event subscriptions

4. Security

  • Resolve access issues
  • Modify direct security
  • Configure object store security
  • Configure class and property security
  • Configure security inheritance

5. Optimize Search Performance

  • Use searches with bulk actions
  • Configure Content Search Services
  • Configure index partitions
  • Create content based indexes
  • Optimize CBR queries

6. Migrate Applications

  • Application migration overview
  • Plan and prepare for application migration
  • Export the application assets
  • Convert and analyze the FileNet P8 assets
  • Import the application assets
  • Automate deployment operations with FileNet Deployment Manager command line

7. Mange Sweep Jobs

  • Configure a sweep job
  • Work with sweep policies

8. Auditing and Logging

  • Work with system logs
  • Work with audit logs