Introduction - Programming



Introduction to VBA will acquaint new programmers with what VBA can do and with its programming environment. Basic skills and important concepts of VBA are taught.

This course is designed for students interested in learning general programming concepts. This course also provides a foundation for students desiring to learn one or more programming languages.
Prerequisites include intermediate to advanced training on Word and Excel or equivalent working knowledge of each software program.
Learning Objectives
  • Use variables
  • Forms
  • Conditions and Loops
  • Arrays
  • Use a calendar control
  • CodeTest
Get Started
  • What is VBA?
  • The Visual Basic Editor
  • Understand code
  • Get explanations
  • Use online references
  • Work with different applications
  • A little more code and some lists
  • Write code
  • Display a message box
Use Variables
  • Make a procedure accessible
  • Revise code
  • Create a form and its code
  • Start a new form
  • Add controls
  • Add the code
  • Test the code
  • Show the form
Conditions and Loops
  • Use conditions and loops�
  • For Each
  • Next and If Then
  • User interaction variations
  • Do While
  • Loop
  • Select Case
  • Use an array and add to collections
  • Consider the possibilities
  • Set up the array
  • Declare the command bar and controls
  • Make them work together
  • Add a functionTest and clean up
Use a Calendar Control
  • Create a form and controls
  • Set control properties
  • Write the code
  • Test and refine
  • Deal with a modal form
  • Fix bugs and handle errors
  • Find the bug
  • Fix the bug
  • Test for errors
  • Write an error handler