Jumpstart to Using Modern JavaScript



JavaScript is a core technology that supports modern web development creation and design. In this course, you will thoroughly explore writing JavaScript and learning techniques and best practices for using it with today's systems and architectures, enabling you to develop sophisticated web interfaces.

This comprehensive course provides a balanced mixture of theory and practical labs, guiding you through the fundamentals of JavaScript and its related technologies—up through the use of tools and libraries to ease the development of advanced web applications. Upon completing this course, you will be able to design, implement, and deploy robust, flexible, and secure JavaScript-based applications.


Developers who want to use JavaScript to build user-friendly, feature-rich webpages and websites


Attendees should have previous experience or working knowledge of developing software applications. This is a programming class. Familiarity with an object-oriented language is helpful, and real world programming experience is a must.

Learning Objectives

  • What JavaScript is and how it is used within the context of web applications
  • Work with the different technologies that are the foundation for web applications.
  • Work with the fundamental aspects of JavaScript in terms of web applications, security, tools, and frameworks
  • Examine application security, ranging from web application issues to the vulnerabilities and threats that are specific to JavaScript

1. HTML and CSS Review

  • HTML Review
  • CSS Review
  • CSS3 Overview

2. JavaScript

  • JavaScript Basics
  • Debugging Tools
  • JavaScript Functions
  • JavaScript Arrays
  • JavaScript Strings and Regular Expressions
  • Object-Oriented JavaScript
  • JavaScript Event Handling
  • Advanced JavaScript

3. Working with DOMs

  • HTML DOM Mechanics
  • XML DOM Mechanics
  • XSLT Applied

4. Advanced Topics

  • JavaScript Best Practices
  • Performance and Optimization
  • Security