Personal and Family Finance (Family Bank Game)


Description According to the 2015 Bank of America Merrill Lynch Workplace Benefits Report, most of the 1200 employers surveyed believe that improving employees’ financial wellness meaningfully and measurably improves their company’s bottom line. They say that greater financial wellness generally leads to a more satisfied, loyal, engaged and productive workforce, which in turn produces better business outcomes.

The Family Bank Game is a 2-day course that goes well beyond “personal finance” and is based on a proven strategy that results in much more than your and your family’s financial well-being. The advantages extend to the next generation and beyond and include: building strong character, leadership, and confidence, in addition to enterprise, financial literacy and family synergy. The strategy also helps the next generation avoid financial dependency, and in fact sets them on a path to financial success. The benefits of this strategy can be seen relatively quickly for you and your family. The Family Bank Game is a fun and interactive training in the form of a game played in a live setting with other participants.

We live in an era where experts say there is a clear decline in the closeness within family units. From electronics to the world-wide-web, at the center of our demise is the decline in the most sacred of social units, the family. The Family Bank Game goes beyond its core as a very powerful financial strategy, and extends to bringing family units together, making them stronger, and giving them the peace of mind that they deserve, ultimately allowing them to step into their greatness and impact this world in their own way – as a family and individuals. This includes bringing older and younger generations together to share and pass their wisdom down. In a nutshell, “The Family Bank Game” is one of the most important and powerful strategies that any employee can implement for their family and their own financial well-being.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will understand how this strategy works and why it’s so different from basic personal finance information.
  • Students will know how to implement this strategy at the completion of the course
  • Students will have a plan for generational wealth, knowing how to pass their knowledge about finances, relationships and finance to their heirs and loved ones.
  • Students will have a plan around how to bring the family together regularly to discuss and work on finances as a family unit.
  • Students will learn how to empower other family members and give them the confidence to make smart financial decisions and take financial responsibility at a young age.