SDN Planning Workshop: Demystifying Vendor Solutions



Due to the multivendor nature of networking, understanding how to apply Software-Defined Networking (SDN) in your environment can be difficult. Many questions may arise, such as: Do you need to buy anything? Can you implement SDN yourself? Do you need to hire someone? Are you locked into a specific vendor? What options are there when choosing a vendor or implementing a multivendor solution?

In this interactive course, you will analyze multiple vendor solutions and gain the confidence to begin planning your SDN strategy.


Those interested in exploring vendor options for SDN

Learning Objectives

  • The underlying technologies that enable SDN
  • Multiple vendor approaches to SDN
  • How to evaluate SDN solutions
  • How to plan for SDN

1. SDN Overview

  • SDN Architecture
  • Communication Flows
  • Network Functions Virtualization and Overlays
  • Activity: SDN Review

2. Developing Your Plan

  • Initial Planning and Discovery
  • Design Sessions
  • Design Development
  • Activity: Current State Analysis

3. Vendor Discovery

  • Defining the Scope of Your Research
  • Identifying Trustworthy Sources of Information
  • Locating the Sources
  • Starting Your Vendor Research
  • Activity: Vendor Research

4. Vendor Interactions

  • Distilling the Content
  • Considering the Message
  • Dissecting the Message
  • Exercise: Testing your Defenses
  • Interviewing Vendors
  • Exercise: Preparing Your Questions
  • Fact Checking
  • Exercise: Fact Checking

5. Performing a Gap Analysis

  • Pulling It All Together
  • Validating Assumptions
  • Picking a Solution
  • Exercise: Creating a Gap Analysis

6. Creating a Conceptual Design

  • Conceptual Design Overview
  • Conceptual Design Components
  • Exercise: Creating a Conceptual Design

7. Proposing Your Plan

  • Preparing Your Presentation
  • Presenting Your Proposal
  • Defending Your Design

8. Action Plan

  • The Planning Process
  • Where Do You Go From Here?
  • Course Takeaways