System and Database Administration: Adaptive Server Enterprise



Learn how to build, run and stabilize an ASE 16.0 database environment. Identify the major tasks of system and database administration with emphasis given to resource management, system security, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

This course is based on the following software release:

  • SAP ASE 16.0


  • Database administrator
  • System administrator



Learning Objectives

  • Manage physical data replacement and storage
  • Create, back up, and restore databases
  • Create and manage multiple temporary databases

1. SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)

  • Explaining SAP ASE
  • Describing the Database Architecture
  • Using Query Editors

2. Installation

  • Installing Servers
  • Identifying Installation Parameters
  • Starting and Stopping SAP ASE
  • Connecting Clients to the Server

3. Database Server Configuration

  • Explaining the Server Configuration File
  • Modifying the Server Configuration File
  • Explaining Memory Mechanisms
  • Configuring Memory
  • Configuring the Size of Caches

4. Space Management

  • Creating Devices
  • Managing Devices
  • Mirroring Devices
  • Creating Databases
  • Managing Databases
  • Managing Disk Resources
  • Managing Temporary Databases

5. Security

  • Managing Roles
  • Creating Logins
  • Managing Logins
  • Managing Database Users
  • Managing Creation Permissions
  • Managing Object Permissions
  • Creating Groups
  • Creating Roles

6. Maintenance

  • Using SAP ASE Extraction Utilities
  • Using the Bulk Copy Utility
  • Explaining Automatic Recovery
  • Ensuring Database Consistency
  • Setting Up the High Speed Consistency Checker

7. Backup

  • Planning for Backups
  • Executing Database Backups
  • Restoring Database Backups
  • Performing Transaction Log Backups
  • Using Advanced Backup Techniques

8. Monitoring

  • Using SAP DB Control Center
  • Monitoring SAP ASE