Tellabs: 1100 Optical LAN Operations, Provisioning, and Maintenance



In this course, you will learn how to operate, provision, and maintain a Tellabs Optical LAN Access system using the Tellabs Panorama PON Manager. After a brief introduction to the Tellabs Optical LAN system and hardware functionality, you will learn how to provision the system to provide the voice, data, and video services and applications supported by the Tellabs Optical LAN system. You will also learn tools and procedures for monitoring and maintaining the system.

This course includes hands-on activities using a Tellabs training lab equipment. It is designed to help you reinforce concepts that have been presented.


  • Network operations professionals
  • Individuals responsible for operating, provisioning, maintaining, and monitoring a Tellabs Optical LAN system.


Basic knowledge in Ethernet switching and routing

Learning Objectives

  • Provisioning procedures for the Tellabs Optical LAN voice and data services using the Tellabs Panorama PON Manger
  • Equipment management and monitoring procedures using the Tellabs Panorama PON Manager
  • Trouble clearing procedures of common problems

1. EMS Operations

  • Navigate the Panorama PON Network Manager
  • Add and configure the Network Element
  • Configure links, ONTs, and Ports
  • Panorama Overview
  • NE Management
  • Links, ONTs, and Service Ports

2. Service Provisioning

  • Create Customer Services
  • Data Service Creation
  • CLI Commands for Provisioning

3. Maintenance

  • Manage System Alarms and Status
  • Perform OLT Field Maintenance
  • Perform Maintenance Procedures
  • Using the Alarms and Events View
  • Using the Troubleshooting, Test, and Maintenance User's Guide
  • Line Status
  • Tellabs 1100 MSAP Craft Interface
  • EMS Maintenance
  • Creating Reports