Time Management Using Outlook: Get Control of E-Mail & Tasks


Description In this hands-on workshop taught by bestselling author Michael Linenberger, you will learn Michael's unique and powerful productivity system. It is based on new and proven best practices of e-mail, time and task management that will for the first time get you and your team's workday under control. Benefits include:
  • Rapid Inbox processing with much less time spent on e-mail.
  • Ability to convert action e-mails to tasks so they can be managed effectively - not dropped.
  • High priority tasks are identified and completed; lower priority tasks are handled effectively.
  • A reconfigured Outlook to match the author's best practices.
Attendees will receive his #1 Bestselling Outlook book!

This workshop is available for private and customized training sessions, either at your facility or at an Motivaim facility near you. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

Module 1

E-Mail and Task Problems in the Modern Office Place

  • E-mail leads to more business interactions, work, churn
  • Staff (wrongly) try to use Inbox as a Task Manager
  • Staff do not have tools for effective prioritizing

Solution: Use Microsoft Outlook Smarter

Step 1: Learning Outlook’s Task Management System

  • Outlook Task Manager Basics
  • Reconfiguring Outlook’s Task System so it Works

Hands-on Exercises

Module 2

Introducing Linenberger’s Manage-Your-Now! (MYN) Outlook System

  • Identifying Your Four Urgency Zones
  • How to track and manage tasks inside your Urgency Zones using Outlook

Using the MYN Outlook System to Get Control of Your Workday

  • Using the FRESH-Prioritization approach
  • The Importance of using Start Dates
  • Managing Deadlines Correctly
  • Converting E-mails to Tasks: the Key to Inbox Control
  • Using Follow-Up Tasks to Stay on Top of Loose Ends

Hands-on Exercises

Module 3

A New Way to Manage your Workday using the MYN Outlook System

  • Working your First priorities: MYN Critical-Now Tasks and how to manage them
  • Working your Second priorities: Using MYN Target-Now tasks in Outlook
  • Working your Third priorities: Using MYN Opportunity-Now Tasks in Outlook
  • Using Next Actions to Manage Work and knock-loose stuck Tasks

Control Work Overload by Scheduling Strategic Deferrals:

  • MYN Defer-to-Do Tasks
  • MYN Defer-to-Review Tasks: Amazingly Powerful

Hands-on Exercises

Module 4

E-mail Control

  • Achieving the Bliss of an Empty Inbox
  • Creating and Using the MYN Processed Mail folder
  • Filing E-mail by Tagging with Outlook Categories
  • The importance of Converting E-mails to Tasks, revisited
  • The MYN E-mail Workflow: Gaining E-mail Control
  • Be Team Savvy: Writing Better E-mails