WIF - Windows Identity Foundation



In this course, you will learn about claims-based identity, protocols, concepts, as well as the Microsoft library that brings all these technologies to the .NET platform. You will learn how to integrate these technologies with ASP.NET and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) applications and how to design systems that make optimal use of these new concepts.

Note: You are required to bring your own laptop.


Experienced developers and solution architects who work with distributed security, focusing on authentication and authorization


  • Have extensive knowledge of .NET & C#
  • Have experience with .NET-based distributed applications, including technologies such as ASP.NET and WCF.
  • Basic knowledge in security (cryptography, X.509 certificates, and WS-Security)

Learning Objectives

  • Claims-based identity and how it can be used to model authentication and authorization
  • Protocols such as WS-Trust, WS-Federation, SAML2p, OAuth, and OpenID
  • Externalize authentication for ASP.NET and WCF applications
  • Federation for B2B and B2C scenarios
  • Implement single-sign-on for web applications and web services (both SOAP and REST)
  • Security token services and how they are being built
  • Active Directory Federation Service 2 features and scenarios
  • Windows Azure and the Azure AppFabric Access Control Service
  • Architectural patterns for claims-based systems
  • Emerging standards such as OAuth2 and consent/delegation systems